Club activities in schools enhances and enriches the student's out of the box learning experience. We in our school have clubs for sciences, mathematics, languages, and social studies in which students are exposed to various inputs and activities which help them upgrade their respective subject knowledge. Clubs create the space and time to encourage the individual's interest in any specified subject other than the prescribed syllabus. It helps in student to imbibe social guidelines like Co- Operation / Adjustment and open-mindedness as they work in groups. Club activities provide first hand experiences to as they participate in model making / arranging for exhibition, field work, laboratory work or so on.


Mathematics club helps children bring out their computational and arithmetic skills involving them in different activities to create and maintaining interest in mathematics. It helps in developing heuristic and problem solving attitude among the students. It provides opportunities for students to translate the theory into practice and to make use of them in their day to day practice.

Science Club

Bridges real time experiences with classroom learning. Science Club channelizes the energies of the students and make of their skills and talent .Science clubs encourages Self Expression , independent research and constructive activities. Further it bridges the in school and out of school learning and builds the development of skills, such as experimentation, critical thinking and problem solving.

Social studies Club

Social studies club gives an extended opportunity to students to learn more about Indian and world history, the past and engage children with activities that help better understanding of history and the world they live. The club Will focus on Activities of discipline, understanding of Historical culture and Heritage, Constitution, Geographical boundaries and Areas , Civics and Economics and teaches the value of social harmony, Brotherhood , humanity, democratic values and qualities. Activities to enrich the above mentioned attributes will be conducted as presentations. debates, group discussions, logo and poster making , etc


The language clubs (Tamil and English ) of the school intends to nurture and inculcate the love for the language among the young learners. The Clubs intends to conduct regular programs which comprises of innumerable activities including ,poetry recitations, Role Play , Mime Presentation, Extempore ,and language Quizzes based on history ,growth of literature ,various literary works of the languages. Certain intra class activities and competitions are also a part of this fun and frolic generating sessions. language clubs come in many different guises to bring out the creative side of the pupils with their word power. The clubs help the language learners to practice the language with more freedom and relaxed setting.