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From classes I to XII Samacheer syllabus is being followed

Abacus, Hindi, Arabic, General Knowledge, Spoken English, Computer Science, Arts and Crafts are taught as additional subjects.

  1. Mass Drill, Volley Ball, Ball Badminton, as outdoor games, Carrom and Chess are provided as indoor games.
  2. Dramatics, Elocution, The Quran recitation and soft skill training sessions are conducted as extra excellent activities.

Classes For Imporvement

Special care will be taken for X, XI and XII students by providing special sessions and periodic improvement tests will be given so as to enable students to excel academically.

Rules and Regulations

  • Every student should greet the members of the teaching staff when she meets them for the first time in the day.

  • When the teacher enters the class room the students should rise and remain standing until they are asked to sit down.

  • Students should submit their leave letters to their class teacher in advance.

  • Every student is expected to be dressed decently and appear smart with hair combed and plaited with black ribbons.

  • If any students take leave for more than two days they will be asked to bring their parents and meet the Principal.

  • No student should leave the classroom without the permission of the teacher.

  • No students are allowed to enter the school office during the class hours.

  • Students should not make any noise while moving from class to class.

  • Students Reporting late to school should pay penalty for the same.

  • Possession and usage of mobile phones in school campus is strictly prohibited and if found, the mobile phones would be confiscated and would not be returned until the completion of the course.

Code of Conduct for Students

Every student is expected to be courteous and well mannered. Students must be polite while speaking to teachers and elders in general. They are expected to use “Please” while requesting and “Thank” while receiving.

Students are expected to be cordial and friendly with fellow students.

Students should strictly follow the rules and regulations of the school. Home work must be completed and submitted on time. Students must bring their diary to the school everyday. Students should create a happy and healthy atmosphere in the school and try to be happy and cheerful.

Examinations & Tests

A student is promoted to the next higher class on the basis of the performance during the whole year. Hence regularity in attendance and studies are imperative.

The school will not conduct any special tests / examinations, or practicals for the absentees of test and examinations.

Results once published at the end of the year are final for all classes and will not be reconsidered for under Re-do on any circumstances.