Jamal Mohamed College Ayesha Girls Matriculation Higher Secondary School had a humble beginning on 22ndjuly , 2009 as a Middle School with classes up to the Vlll Standard. The Management Committee of the school, at its inception, consisted of HajeeJanab M.J.NOORDEEN Sahib as President, Janab M.J.M. ABDUL GAFOOR Sahib as Secretary and Correspondent, Hajee K.A.KHALEEL AHAMED Sahib as Treasurer, and DR.A.K. KHAJA NAZEEMUDEEN Sahib as Assistant Secretary.

In the year 2011, the Management Committee was reconstituted with the induction of DR.A.K. KHAJA NAZEEMUDEEN Sahib as Secretary and Correspondent and HajeeJanab M.J. JAMAL MOHAMED Sahib as Assistant Secretary. In the year 2014,

Janab M.J. JAMAL MOHAMED BILAL Sahib succeeded Janab M.J.NOORDEEN Sahib as President Management Committee. In the year 2018, HajeeJanab M.J. JAMAL MOHAMED Sahib was elevated as Treasurer. He was succeeded by Dr. K, ABDUS SAMAD as Assistant Secretary.

Due to the consistent efforts of our present Secretary and Correspondent, DR.A.K. KHAJA NAZEEMUDEEN Sahib, the school was upgraded as a High School in 2011 and as a Higher Secondary School in 2012. Under the commendable care and guidance of the Management Committee, the school has grown from strength to strength and is rendering a yeomen service to the noble cause of education of girls in and around Tiruchirappalli.